ADA - The Americans with Disabilities Act

ASBUILT - build out as it currently exists, to create an as-built would include current field verification of a space and creation or modification of the respective CADD file for future area calculations, space, marketing and stacking plan updates or creation

BOMA - Building Owners and Managers Association

BOMA STUDY - whole building area calculation and analysis

CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS - Drawing set with required engineering to secure a permit and construct space

MARKETING BOARD - Marketing plan dry mounted to foam core substrate, marketing plan or spec suite plan normally displayed on an easel inside the vacant space these can also be modified for color

MARKETING PLAN - Plan showing the as-built conditions of a space along with RSF and broker contact information, also includes a key plan representing space location within the building.

SOFTLINE PLAN - Sketch showing potential clients how they may fit in a space AKA fit plan

SPACE PLAN - Plan created for a potential tenant or spec suite, this plan includes pricing information and additional detail required to be sent to a contractor for pricing and lease negotiations

STACKING PLANS - A graphical plan representing the tenant’s location within a building,

R.S.F. - Rentable Square Foot

FIRE EVACUATION PLANS - Floor plans showing existing locations of fire, life safety devices and egress paths

TI - Tenant improvements

UON - Unless otherwise noted

VIF - Verify in field